Friday, September 21, 2007

My New Leaf on Life

My fortune read... "Walk the straight and narrow path". But what did that mean?? I was so far out in the field I couldn't see any path. So my first job was to find the path. It happened the day my husband went in for his DOT physical. He failed the blood pressure test. He was told his blood pressure was 148 over 98 and he had to get it under control or he would lose his commercial drivers license. So he decided to check it often at the local pharmacy that has a blood pressure tester. Just for fun I thought I should test mine.

Now I was always the one in the depth of labor with blood pressure around 110 over 76, and that's during LABOR!!!! so I step up thinking this will be no problem. I almost fell off the chair when it came back 167 over 115. What happened to me? Thinking it could just be a fluke I did it again the next day, 158 over 109. Time to make some serious adjustments in my life.

So here I am starting this blog on the straight and narrow path to good health. I was inspired by some fellow farmgirls and will hopefully travel with them on this journey to better health.

I will be posting my daily intake, exercise regime and other changes I will make and see where it goes. I am a true believer in natural medicine and so I am choosing this route for all my medicinal needs. I do not recommend this to anyone else and it is simply a personal choice of my own. (though I would hope it gets you thinking and asking questions about the pharmeceutical companies)

So I start today. Weight is 225 and height is 5'6". Age 42 (almost) mother of 4, recently a non- smoker (well I am trying).

Well, here goes........

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